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Dear Friend,

The Every Other Day Diet is one of the most popular and successful diet plans on the internet today, and has helped over 300,000 people global to lose weight successfully.

Wouldn't you love a diet that encouraged you to eat your favorite foods just about every day and still lose weight? Wouldn't that be a dream come true?

Even better: what if this wonderful new System required food that anyone can afford and even saved you money every single week?

It gets even better. Just imagine never being forced to count calories or grams of fat ever again. Would that give you more freedom and peace of mind?

This is not just a dream. This is as real as it gets. Read on and discover what thousands of folks just like you are discovering every single day...

A Proven System That Sets You Free From Counting Calories Forever

From this day forward, you are forbidden to count calories! It's a painful process that usually leads you down the road to more frustration. Always looking at the labels and using a calculator to figure out how much food you can eat is just no fun at all. What's more...it doesn't work. Did you know that people who count calories are some of the least successful dieters?

We want to show you a new method - an exciting new way to look at food. Using our SNAPP! System of EatingTM counting fat grams and calories will become a distant memory. Plus the SNAPP! System of Eating is so simple a child can do it!

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Break Free From An Unhealthy Relationship With Food

Man or woman, it doesn't matter. You are probably an emotional eater and all emotional eaters have a love-hate relationship with food.

We understand. We were emotional eaters too until we discovered what we are about to share with you. We found a great new way to fall in love with food and to embrace it as our friend and a path to get where we want to go.

When your emotions control what you eat, you feel imprisoned by circumstances and by food. When this happens, both your body and mind suffer the consequences.

Emotional eating results in those two sets of clothes so many of us have - the clothes we want to wear and those ugly, baggy sweats with elastic waistbands. Emotional eating is the reason you may have a fear of food and always worry about every little morsel you put in your mouth.

We know you are ready for something better - and it all begins by tossing guilt out the window!

The Absolute End To Feeling Guilty And Creating A New Love For Food!

Diet disaster is caused by two things: stress and fear. Most diets are designed to increase your level of stress. And almost every diet makes you feel fear. You know that dread of falling off the dietary wagon? We hated that! It's no fun to live your life worried about cheating on your diet and focused on food all the time, is it?

You need a diet that makes you feel good, inside and out. One that can give you...

You need an answer that offers real hope. Real solutions. Real results.

No More Feeling Like You're Stuck On A Diet

Or A Super-strict Plan Only A Robot Can Follow!

We have more good news for you: We don't want you to eat like a fitness fanatic. Or a machine without feelings. We won't ask you to eat celery all day long either. That's because our System was designed for real people who live real lives and enjoy real food.

What a relief!

Most diets just assume you are some kind of robot designed to live in the kitchen or, even worse, live on salad all day long. How boring is that?

You don't want to live like that to get the body you deserve. Why? Because you will hate every minute of it. If you don't love what you eat you will never eat it for very long. That is why almost every diet fails eventually. Sure, you can will-power your way to some weight loss, but eventually you just gain it all back.

Sound familiar?

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"Why Did Your Last Diet Fail You?"
Take Our "Diet History Survey?"

You do not fail a diet - a diet fails YOU. We want to know why. How did your last diet let you down?

Find the reasons you relate to the most:

"I lost interest faster than I lost weight!"

That's probably because you weren't given enough variety. We all need variety, and that includes the foods we love to eat. Our solution allows you to enjoy the foods you love the most every single week...even every other day!

"I felt trapped, as if every meal was a chore."

We know that feeling really well! Here is the good news: a healthy weight-loss meal plan does NOT have to be a chore when you use our System. In fact, every meal can be one you look forward to. We will show you exactly how to manage your meals so you are never more than a few hours away from any food you want to eat... and yes, you will still lose weight!

"I could not stand the thought of dieting like that for the rest of my life!"

None of us like the thought of having our future limited and that's exactly what most diet plans do. They limit your choices, they limit your eating times, they limit your appreciation for food, and they make you feel guilty for enjoying all that life has to offer. With our solution you will learn how to have your diet work for your life and not against it!

"I had serious food cravings that drove me nuts!"

Many diets fail because they don't address the seriousness of cravings. This is because most diet creators have never had a real craving and they don't know how addictive high sugar foods can be. Our system was designed by us, the formerly obese. We know what it's like to have those cravings and on our plan you never miss those foods. That makes it a lot easier to eliminate cravings!

"I didn't like the feeling of not fitting in socially!"

The pressure to eat in social circles is huge. Many diet programs create a wedge between you and the world you live in by telling you to "just say no." With our solution, you can say YES! In fact, you should say yes. No one likes to be the one at the birthday party who says "I can't" to the birthday cake. From now on it's, a "Yes, thank you!"

Get The Every Other Day Diet Now!

This May Sound Crazy, But We Think Food Should Be Something You Enjoy!

You want eating to be fun -- and it should be! Your meals should be tasty and provide you with enough flexibility that you can easily lose weight for life.

The bottom line is you want to lose all the weight you want and keep it off. You probably never want to be ordered to eat salads or shakes 3 times a day or keep track of all those grams, ounces and calories while your eating out.

Who can blame you? We didn't want to do that either. No one wants to!

So if you are tired of strict diets, emotional eating, and counting calories - and you want a permanent solution to weight loss that is fun and effective this may be the most important letter you will ever read.

"How Can You Be So Sure I Will Lose Weight So Easily?"

How? Because we've been where you are right now. We lost over 170 pounds of blubber between JUST THE TWO OF US using the same principles we're about to teach you. And we are no different than you are. We are not genetic "freaks" who lose fat easily.

Plus we've helped thousands of folks just like you do the same thing we did: lose the weight and keep it off for life!

My name is Jon Benson. I am the author of numerous best-selling fitness and nutrition books including Fit Over 40 and Simply Eat! I'm joined by not one but TWO fitness and nutrition professionals: Holly Rigsby, CPT and Daniel Topkis, M.S. Holly is the author of the smash hit The Fit Yummy Mummy System! and Daniel is the author of the amazing book Slim Healthy Secrets!

We are degreed fitness professionals and, between us, we have certifications a mile long. We are publlished in all types of fitness and nutrition journals and ezines all over the world.

But none of that matters. Why?

This Is All About You!

Let me ask you a simple question:

Unless we have been where you are, how can we relate to you? How can we help you get to where you want to go?

This is the problem with almost every diet book  - they are not written from personal experience. Sure, you can pay any doctor who is 40 pounds overweight to write a diet book. But does he or she know what it takes to get lean? They know what everyone else knows and, as you have probably already experienced, that canned approach doesn't work for the majority of us in the real world.

Just take a look for yourself I used to be obese. I'm not talking about a few pounds overweight. I'm talking 75 pounds and 36% bodyfat! Holly gained over 60 pounds during her pregnancy and was once "certified couch potato."

Then we educated ourselves in the real world - the diet trenches. We learned a lot in school, but most of what we discovered on how to lose fat and keep it off cannot be found in a college textbook.

We learned all the little tricks and discovered all the tasty secrets to permanent weight loss. We transformed our own obese and unhappy bodies into "cover model" physiques! I guess you could say we got a little carried away. : )

Get The Every Day Diet Now!

"Yeah, But You Guys Probably Eat Rabbit Food All Day To Look That Good!"

Since all three of us are really fit, you probably think we live on egg whites and salad or exercise for hours every day. Nothing could be further from the truth.

We don't have to because we have found the secret to staying slim without sacrificing the lives we love.

None of our clients want to live on "rabbit food" and some don't even want to go to a gym, much less stay in one for hours a day. They just want to lose their excess weight and feel good and trim in their "skinny clothes."

You too, right? Gain your energy and self-esteem back for good? Then that isn't going to require you to work out for 8 hours a day or to resent the foods you eat.

If you are not loving life, then it is not worth it!

This is the System I created for my most frustrated friends. People I work with and care about who were all just about ready to call it quits when it comes to getting the body they want. My Second Edition and the SNAPP! System was created for folks who would rather sleep on a bed of nails than go on another diet.

YES - there is a common sense, every day, real-world solution... and it starts with a simple idea. Ready?

No One Who Is Lean For Life Counts Calories!

Real successful dieters are the ones who never count calories. Discovering this fact enabled me to create the SNAPP! Sytem in The Every Other Day Diet so no one would EVER have to count a single calorie...ever!

Face it - none of us want to count calories. But I bet you want to have a flat tummy, smaller hips, and more energy.

Does this sound like you? Then it's time to FORGET about counting calories and discover a super-easy new way of managing the food you eat every day. It takes less than a minute to learn...and you will wonder how on earth you got by without it.

Get The Every Day Diet Now!

"What Do You Mean By 'Every Other Day'?"

One day you'll be eating super-healthy high-protein foods that are easy to fix. The next day you'll rotate and eat other tasty foods like...
Whatever you want...and yes, you'll still lose weight. In fact, our mind-blowing system DEMANDS you eat high-calorie foods! The fat-burning power will not be unleashed without it.

Now, we're not crazy and we know you're not either. You are a smart, savvy consumer who may be thinking right about now... "No way. This sounds too good." You're right. It does sound too good. But it's true. And just like anything that works YOU have to be willing to work with this amazing System in order to see the greatest benefit! If I told you that you could eat unlimited quantities of junk food and lose weight, you better call the funny farm and have me committed!! No one who is leveling with you would ever say that.

What I am saying, loudly and boldly, is that you can enjoy your favorite foods every other day and lose weight. Period! You just have to learn HOW to eat these foods and WHEN. It's so simple my grandmother can do it. (I have an adopted grandmother...and she DOES IT!)

Why not you, right?

Doctor-Approved and Real-World Smart

This really IS a revolutionary new way of looking at weight loss. One that is designed to be easy, fun, and tasty. And lets you eat the foods you enjoy while forcing your body to burn off ugly body fat.

Our doctor-approved one-of-a-kind System is also guaranteed to work for you without question or you don't pay us a dime.

That is how confident we are that you will...

Get The Every Day Diet Now!

Progress...Not Perfection!

Most men and women today don't care about being 5% body fat. Many would be happy to be less than 20%. Most of us don't want to be bodybuilder either. Most just want the basics:

Guess what? None of the above requires a perfect diet or exercise plan.

Perfection is an impossible standard. You may have been told to set perfection as your standard in the past, but from now on, we're focusing on progress rather than perfection. Simple steps you take every day, all while you learn how you can enjoy food for the rest of your life and still get the body you deserve.

But this isn't Fantasy Land. Like I said, no one worth their salt can say you can eat massive amounts of junk food every day and lose weight. But you can and will eat junk food the right way at the right time and lose weight and become more healthy.

We All Secretly Know The Truth...Ready?

Virtually every man and woman reading this letter will never stop eating normal food no matter what the health experts and doctors tell you do to.

You will probably never eat fifteen cups of veggies a day and cut your dietary fat intake down to 10% in order to be healthy and weigh less either...right?

This does not make you a bad or undisciplined person. This makes you normal.

Normal people want simple solutions and to be shown how to live in today's world, not as a dieting outcast. Sure, there are the extreme diets out there. A few of them may work for some lucky people, but most folks on strict meal plans end up living for their diets. They live in fear of going out because of the social pressure to eat and be normal.

Isn't the BEST answer one that would allow you to eat these everyday foods in moderation and still provide you with super-healthy fat-burning foods? If you just followed this simple and easy plan every other day, don't you think you'll feel and look better?

This isn't rocket science...it's common sense. The key ingredient that was somehow left out of most diets.

It's also common sense that any diet like this will require that you give up something in return for all the benefits. Like I said, I'm not here to lie to you. I'm a straight-shooter. Guess what it is? Going out to lunch 3 days a week. Let me really shoot straight - ”if you're not ready to give THAT up, you're not ready to lose an ounce of weight!

But I KNOW you are ready. That's why you're still reading this letter I wrote to you.

That's I created this one-of-a-kind System. This is a real-world diet for real-world people. People like you who do not want to live on salads and vegetables every single day of the week, year in and year out. But people like you who also want to lose weight and are willing to BEGIN feeling better and happier by easing into the waters and make small changes every other day.

Get The Every Day Diet Now!

Called "The Easiest Diet On Earth!"

This Simple Plan Enables You To Eat The Foods You Enjoy Virtually All The Time!

Say "hello" to the most practical, sensible, and user-friendly diet on earth: The Every Other Day Diet System! This is not just a diet book. This is an entire System of Food Management that empowers you to...

I spent years perfecting this System and making it the easiest to use program for weight loss on the planet. In fact, we are so confident that you will succeed scratch that... you can't HELP but succeed! We fully guarantee your results.

Try The Every Other Day Diet SystemTM for a full 60 days. If you don't absolutely love the results, we will politely and gladly refund your entire purchase price.

You have nothing to lose but the weight.

Dr John Berardi

There's More...We Literally Support You For A Full Year With Encouragment and Recipes!

How many diet plans give you a full YEAR of motivation and encouragement in addition to a foundation that can change your life? That's a heck of a deal! We're so committed to your success that Holly and I will personally send you three Every Other Day Diet System recipes each and every week for a full year just to ensure that you always have a variety of meal choices!

Not only that, but we will also send you weekly motivational and encouragement emails absolutely free! Just imagine starting every week with a word of praise, encouragement, and tips on how to continue and accelerate your success!

With The Every Other Day Diet System you get years of experience from two people who have been where you are now. Holly and I will share everything with you, including the experiences of other success stories and that includes our own! This collection of weight loss success stories will help you along the way every week for a full year!

There is simply nothing more powerful than having coaches who have already succeeded sitting in your corner, helping you each and every week.

Three Different Plans For Every Lifestyle Tailored To Your Individual Goals

Because there are three different levels in The Every Other Day Diet System there is a plan to fit your needs. This System works whether you are a first-time dieter or a professional athlete. Whether you choose The Primer, The Lifestyle, or The Extreme Plan, you get an easy-to-follow step by step system to reach your goals.

For A Limited Time You Can Get The Every Other Day Diet System With A Full Year Of Support!

You might expect to pay hundreds of dollars for this program...and it would be worth it!

You will save hundreds of dollars every year for the rest of your life just on food costs with the great secrets you will learn.

We wanted to to be absolutely certain that when you saw what we had collected for you, and created for you, that the decision to try this incredible system couldn't be anything but an enthusiastic "YES!?"

Because we know you will see success, we back our incredible offer with a Full 60-Day Money Back Guarantee! The Every Other Day Diet SystemTM will work better and faster than anything you have ever tried. AND you will love the foods you eat more than any other diet in the world, or you get your money back!

And, most importantly, you will...

Lifetime Free Updates of The Every Other Day Diet!*

Did you know that we are always perfecting their Every Other Day Diet System? We want to let you in on EVERY update to the Every Other Day Diet...for LIFE! That's right: you will pick up the book today and get every digital update to "The Every Other Day Diet"* absolutely free of charge for the rest of time!

* Includes digital updates to "The Every Other Day Diet" only.

This diet program is not available in any stores! There are no monthly fees to pay! And you have our solid 60-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee. Give us 60 Days to change your life!

Here Is What You Get...

Put the power of a proven diet system to work for you! Pick up the Every Other Day Diet System right now and lose weight with the "Easiest Diet On Earth!"
Welcome to our Every Other Day Diet family


Jon Benson
Creator/Author, The Every Other Day Diet

P.S. Remember, this is a no-guilt, no-way-to-fail, PROVEN System that is 100% GUARANTEED to work for you or you are not out one penny! There is simply NO reason at all to continue on in a body you don't absolutely love and trying to diet on foods you absolutely detest. We want something much better for you. Give our System a shot. We promise this is the best decision you will ever make!

P.P.S. It may not be easy, but imagine the look on your friends and families faces when they see you walk into the room a slender and happier you! Many of our clients have found that their entire family joined them after they lost only a few pounds because the plan is so simple. So if you have three members in your family, your cost comes down to about $30 per person for a LIFETIME of being lean!

Now that's something to get excited about, right?

Let's get started!

"I've now lost 20 pounds on EODD! I now weigh 129.6! I am very excited and feel great...I've gone from 34% BF to 30%. I'm excited that that body fat percentage will soon be in the 20's!. I haven't seen that in years!!
Shileen Nixon; United States

"Of all the health/diet/fitness experts out there....you rock! This is the most sensible, readable, believable and practical advice by far.... (I feel I can speak a little to this, having been a bit of a "health-nut" for the last 30 years!)"
Joe Smith; Australia

"Using Jon's EODD 2.0 in connection with his 7 Minute Muscle System I got the most €œbang for my bucks both at the supermarket and the gym. I've gone from 40% bodyfat to 17% and transformed my entire body from head to toe!"
Sarah Hougan; Canada

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